2022 Online shopper report: Thriving in the new normal

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Over the past few years, life as we know it has been upended.

Canadians have adapted by embracing new behaviours and values that now shape their shopping choices. As a result, customer-brand relationships are experiencing a shakeup, and brands are being thrust into uncharted territory.

Discover what today’s online shoppers want

We surveyed 5,000 Canadians to find out how their expectations have changed. Our findings – featured in our new report, Thriving in the new normal – will help you refine and redefine your approach to attracting, converting and retaining Canadian online shoppers.

Read it to find out:

  • How Canadian online shoppers have changed
  • The seven shopper segments of the new normal
  • How to master your ecommerce purchase journey
  • How brand loyalty is earned today

Ready to thrive in the new normal?

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