9 amazing apps for small businesses

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Your time is valuable – especially when you’re a small business owner. If you haven’t embraced the tech revolution, it’s time to get onboard. These 9 time-saving apps will help you with communication, organization, accounting, and daily business tasks.

Share everything with Dropbox


Dropbox is a great tool that allows you to easily share documents, images, videos or music with your team. It’s one of the most popular platforms that small businesses use to store and share files on the cloud. Securely preview, edit and share files directly from your mobile device. Add shared files to your favourites and easily access them even when you’re offline. You can even sync Dropbox with your computer.

Take note of Evernote


Keep your small business organized, and stay on top of daily tasks, with Evernote. Create a personal or team workspace for projects and ideas. Save time when you’re easily able to access your saved notes, documents, texts, emails, photos, and voice memos. This multi-platform tool allows you to access your notes offline, and sync all notes on your desktop and mobile devices.

Tap smart with Expensify


Make expense reporting easier and more efficient with Expensify. It can help your small business simplify the way your employees report expenses. Link your credit or debit card to your Expensify account and charges will appear directly on an expense report. This app can also extract expenses from photos of receipts.

Plan efficiently with HootSuite


The HootSuite app helps you save time by allowing you to manage, track and schedule social media posts and engagements in one place. This tool is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media channels. Multiple users can access the tool, enabling your team to work together to update your social media channels. HootSuite also provides complex analytics reports to help you grow, interact and engage with followers online.

Master email with MailChimp


Manage your mailing lists, create dynamic eblasts and newsletters, create forms and pop-ups, and automate with the MailChimp app. This email marketing tool helps your small business master email communications with your contacts and customers. Save time when you integrate your MailChimp account with CRM services to combine your data. Use the app to launch your campaigns and automate emails to targeted segments of your audience. You can target based on behaviour, preferences, sales history and more. Take advantage of the app’s detailed reporting insights to increase the reach of your email marketing.

Stay on track with OmniFocus


Manage all your important assignments and due dates with this task management app. OmniFocus can track your tasks by project, place, person, or date. The app also syncs your phone and desktop – so you can easily stay organized when working across different devices.

Make accounting easy with FreshBooks


Manage your accounting with Freshbooks. This app lets you easily create invoices, send messages, and monitor updates. You can sync it with your phone and desktop. It also allows you to capture expenses from photos of receipts to help you track your finances.

Stay connected with Slack


Send direct messages using Slack’s instant messaging platform, and organize your team’s conversations into private or public channels. There’s no limit to how many users your business can add. This app makes it easy to share images and documents. It also automatically archives your messages, notifications and files. You can initiate group calls, open guest access, and integrate Slack into other apps.

Manage project with Trello


Track your team’s progress and workflow with this user-friendly project management app. Trello lets you create cards that represent projects and tasks. You can attach notes, add comments, files, or checklists to provide context. You can also add labels or playful stickers to your cards. Add members to your cards and Trello will notify them when any changes are made. This app easily integrates with other apps on this list, including Slack and Evernote. You can send Trello cards directly to a Slack channel, or associate a Slack channel with a Trello board.

Save time with the Canada Post app

Track your packages and prepare your customs forms with the Canada Post app. You can also use it to find rates, post offices and postal codes. The app also helps you save time by offering easy access and management for your bills, pay stubs and financial records with epost™.

Save time on shipping with Canada Post

Download the Canada Post app on iTunes or Google Play.

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