How to ship internationally: Tips from a small business with big boxes

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Henry and Mary Chong have always thought globally. The brother-sister duo behind Toronto bicycle company Revelo serves the needs of urban commuters everywhere.

Since founding their online business in 2012, they’ve shipped their award-winning, lightweight, foldable bikes to more than 15 cities around the world.

Mary Chong shares four tips for how to find success when shipping internationally:

  1. Learn the regulatory requirements

    Chong recommends business owners leverage Canada Post’s extensive whitepaper on shipping internationally, tap government resources, or take a course on the ins and outs of importing and exporting. Her own experience was transformative, educating her about regulatory requirements and harmonization codes, while using Canada Post Snap Ship™ eliminated the complexity.  Without the hands-on learning, Revelo would have missed out on opportunities and faltered on deadlines and submissions.

    When you start a company that wants to ship overseas, no one hands you a package about how to do it.

    Mary Chong

  2. Find reliable partners

    Revelo’s success relies on a network of partners the company has hand-picked for their dependability.

    “Canada Post is partnered with all other postal services internationally. This means we can easily track packages to a recipient. It’s a tried, tested and true service.”

    We want to feel supported in getting it all done – from tracking to returns to receipts. We work with companies that have proven they’re reliable.

    Mary Chong

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  3. Add the human touch

    International customers want to be confident their purchases will arrive intact and on time.

    “Personal touches really make a difference, especially for those buying from a great distance.”

    One way to do that is to make it easy for customers to quickly reach a live person behind any automated system.

  4. Design the right packaging

    Revelo bikes come fully assembled and ready to ride – all customers have to do is pull the bike out of the box and unfold it. Your customer’s experience with your product begins the moment it arrives. You’re in charge of the impression they get, so be sure your packaging is both protective and appealing.

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