Guide: How to scale up your ecommerce operations

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Learn how to maximize every stage of your ecommerce workflow – and delight customers. This guide will help you enhance your ecommerce presence and optimize your operations for a better customer experience. Access the knowledge, guidance and how-to solutions you need to make the most of your back-end workflow. It will help you adapt to market demands and proactively plan for the future.

We’ll explore:

  • The path to purchase and how to meet consumers’ expectations
  • Tools, tech and integrations that improve efficiency
  • Back-end processes for managing and fulfilling online orders
  • Packaging that can keep your costs in check
  • Shipping with Canada Post and how shipments are processed in our delivery network
  • Tactics to enhance the delivery experience
  • Creating returns policies and managing returns costs

Scaling up your ecommerce operations: How to optimize every stage of your workflow – and delight customers

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