Think Like an E-commerce Leader – Virtual Event

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Though the world of business post-pandemic is still uncertain, every day we inch closer to an understanding of the future we can be confident in.

The dust is settling from the impact of a global pandemic, and industry leaders have surveyed the global e-commerce landscape to share the insights you need to confidently chart a course.

Watch sessions from our Think Like an E-commerce Leader event for insights from industry experts and to learn how your business can thrive in 2020 and beyond. Talks include:

Welcome and opening remarks

John Reis, General Manager of Retail at Canada Post, is responsible for more retail locations than any other retailer in Canada. In his opening remarks, John shares how his team – like many other retailers in Canada – have had to pivot their approach from COVID-19.

Reimagining the retail experience

Watch Marc Fortin (RCC-Québec), Christian Bourque (Léger), and Jean-Phillipe Gauthier (Google) as they discuss how Canadian consumer habits and behaviours are changing due to COVID-19 and what it means to reimagine retail with a customer-centric approach.

The holiday season is almost here – are you ready?

What are consumers expecting from retailers heading into peak season? Will shopping habits formed in the first half of 2020 carry into the second? What can you do to minimize challenges and maximize your opportunities? Watch Krish Iyer, Head of Industry Relations at ShipStation and Luke Miszczyk, Director of E-commerce Solutions & Integrations at Canada Post, for a riveting talk.

Global e-commerce: a world of opportunity

The pandemic has had a major impact worldwide, accelerating e-commerce adoption amongst consumers in many countries. Watch Bryan Sirois, Global Trade Director – Consumer at Export Development Canada, as he shares current trends and insights into international markets and global e-commerce.

Embracing e-commerce and building resilience – A Canadian story

Tune in for a fireside chat with Ian Rosen, Vice President of Digital and Strategy at Harry Rosen, to hear firsthand how this iconic Canadian retail brand is embracing e-commerce to fuel growth.

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