Driving it home: 5 numbers that prove direct mail is essential in Canadian homes

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There has never been a better time to get started with direct mail. Canadians are more connected to their homes than ever, making direct mail the most personal and impactful way for businesses to connect, captivate and convert customers.

In Chapter 1 of the Essential Guide to Direct Mail, we share the insights from 4,000 Canadians and their attitudes on advertising – what works, what doesn’t and what they would like to see more from brands.

Here are 5 key findings proving just how essential direct mail is in Canadian homes:

87% read every piece of mail received

That’s the number of Canadians who say they either glance at or read every piece of mail they receive in their mailbox. While 60% glance at each piece to determine if it is relevant, 27% say they read or open every piece of mail and rarely discard without reading. Direct mail gets noticed.

62% pickup their mail at least three times a week 

More than 6 in 10 Canadians pickup their mail at least 3 times a week. Picking up the mail is a ritual often integrated with our daily routine or combined with other activities such as running errands.

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33% feel positive about mailbox advertising 

About a third of Canadians feel that advertising in the mailbox is a great way to learn about new businesses, as well as for companies they deal with to get their attention.

47% say mail is the most believable form of advertising 

Nearly half of Canadians say coupons received by mail are the most believable form of advertising, far outpacing email (30%) or social media (17%) promotions.

37% welcome print catalogues with open arms 

Did we mention that print catalogues arriving in the mailbox are still beloved among Canadians? They gave the popular format its highest marks for trustworthiness (30%), believability (34%) and enjoyability (40%).


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1 All statistics are courtesy of Canada Post. SMM Thought Leadership: Understanding the impact of direct mail inside Canadian homes, February 2023.