How to use digital to drive offline sales

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According to Deloitte, at least half of offline spending is affected by digital marketing. With so much at stake, it’s important to consider how you can use digital marketing to drive offline sales. So even if you are only selling at retail, or if you are selling in multiple channels, it’s important to consider digital as part of your marketing mix.

Here are some key considerations when using digital to propel retail sales offline:

  • Think context

    Time of day, geographic location and device type are important pieces of information when you are considering how best to satisfy the needs of your customers online. Are they nearby? Are they on the go? Are they searching for you during store hours or off hours? Use real-time analytics such as Google Analytics to help satisfy customer needs in the moment.

  • Think mobile

    We have our mobile devices with us constantly: on the train, in line, even in the washroom. More and more of our digital time is spent on a mobile device, and customers increasingly want an effortless experience. Expect that whatever means of communication you use, be it advertising, emails or social media, it will likely be consumed on a mobile device.

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  • Be present

    In our ‘always on’ world, responsiveness is the name of the game. Today’s shoppers have a need for immediacy. Shoppers might be physically walking your aisles and expecting a digital response on Twitter. Leverage social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite to track conversations and empower your team to respond in real time.

  • Be human, not a robot

    If digital is the only way that clients can interact with you, it can make them feel your business lacks the human touch. Take the time to invest in direct conversations. Customer service tools such as Drift allow employees to make a real, personal difference in the experiences of your customers.

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