How to win at Google without spending a dime

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Stephen Lau

We asked expert digital marketer Stephen Lau to recommend the most effective and easy-to-execute tactics to help improve your results with Google, and how to make sure your company is one of the first that customers come across in a Google search.

  • Prime your profile

    Take the time to set up and optimize your ‘My Business Profile’ page with Google. Once your business address is confirmed, your company will begin appearing in searches from interested customers. It’s fast. It’s free.

  • Welcome all reviews

    Google reviews are important in improving the visibility of your business. Even negative reviews, properly dealt with, can help demonstrate to your potential customers that you are serious about serving customers.

  • Add some content

    Not everyone is the world’s greatest writer, and that’s OK. But an active and ongoing content strategy including social media is important. More importantly, it’s another way that the Google algorithm evaluates the value of your site.

  • Listen actively

    Take time to observe, listen and reflect on what people are saying. This will empower you with insights that will help you get a better sense of what your audience is interested in as well as drive the development of better, more meaningful content.

Stephen Lau has founded and sold multiple digital marketing businesses and is the President of Salient Marketing, an agency that develops and manages digital marketing strategies for companies across Canada.

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