Once upon a time – interactive storybook sprinkles magic on customer experience

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It’s a tale as old as time for a lot of B2B companies – customer communications so stuffed with “corporate-speak,” they lose any value. Salesforce, however, wanted to turn the page on that idea with a direct mail campaign that crafted a fairy tale ending for businesses.

How Salesforce’s direct mail campaign engaged customers

Looking to explain how their CRM service helps businesses grow, Salesforce created A Tale of Growth, a slipcovered storybook that takes customers on a richly illustrated journey on how to find, win and keep clients.

A book sleeve with the text “Are you ready for the next chapter of your growth story?” is propped against Salesforce’s book.

Escorted across the pages by a menagerie of woodland creatures, customers play the role of the book’s hero facing the challenges and triumphs of running a business. Combining relevant customer success stories with tactile touch-and-feel elements, this interactive storybook engaged the audience, enlivened their sensory experience and gave them a sense of their growth journey with Salesforce.

While each page harkens back to childhood, the book also drives home grown-up messages, especially when the look and feel is integrated across digital channels.

The takeaway

This direct mail piece delivered on its promise by increasing interest and consideration among recipients and opening up conversations that led to new partnerships. The campaign was so successful in Canada, it was adapted for U.S. audiences shortly after going to market. By all accounts, it was quite a storybook ending.

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