What is marketing excellence? 3 key takeaways from AI expert Andrew Au

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As keynote speaker at Canada Post’s Think INSIDE the Box 2018 Marketing Conference, which tackled the big issues on the minds of business leaders today, Andrew Au spoke about digital transformation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He called on every organization to hit the reset button.

Here are his 3 key takeaways for marketers:

1. AI and digital transformation

Marketers can use Artificial Intelligence #AI and #digitaltransformation to shift our thinking from marketing as a service to marketing as a profit centre. We need to push ourselves beyond impressions to real revenue generation.

2. Transform traditional direct marketing campaigns

When we hear the word #digital, we often immediately think of programmatic and mobile. As marketers we need to expand beyond just digital to digitally transforming mediums. Think about how you can transform traditional direct marketing campaigns with marketing automation to create strategic customer journeys.

3. Focus on culture

As we all look to raise our digital acuity, focus on culture. Tools unused (or under-utilized) are worthless. Tools creatively applied with a fluid digital culture breed powerful outcomes.

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Andrew Au is a modern business leader who helps brands respond to the new culture and nature of work. The youngest person to be inducted into the Entrepreneurs Organization at the age of 22, Andrew is also among the few Canadians named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. He’s received over 35 Canadian and international awards for business innovation and thought leadership.

Andrew is currently the co-founder of Intercept, a strategic management consultancy based in Toronto and Boston. He is also the President of @scopiumai, a healthcare startup developing a patented cognitive platform using artificial intelligence to improve patient care and reduce medical costs.

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