Test Table

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Omnichannel Direct MailCommerce (cross-channel shopping experience – online/offline)Personalization (tailored, targeted and relevant cross-channel engagement)Ecosystem (rich cross-channel platforms integrated with consumer needs & lifestyle)
Discover/considerElevate product and offers (better attention, perceptions of quality), enhance product exploration and evaluation.Increase messaging relevance and timing with postal code data and programmatic targeting.Provide dynamic offers based on integrated first-party and postal code data.
Purchase/enjoyCreate integrated shopping shortcuts –connecting marketing to purchase.Have omnichannel lcontent support purchase and post-purchase enjoymentEnhance customer experience throughout the entire customer journey to support post-purchase enjoyment and engagement.
Engage/advocateSupport loyalty programs with deeper engagement, incentives and social sharing.Support post-purchase engagement with relevant content based on preference and behavioural data outside of the transaction.
Support UGC, community access and new experiences in an intimate, tech-enabled format.