Heading south for the winter? Use Mail Forwarding and you won’t miss any mail

December 19, 2014
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Enjoy the sunshine and relax, knowing that your important mail will make the trip south, too. Mail Forwarding™ means you won’t miss any bills, tax correspondence, cheques and letters from family and friends.

Mail Forwarding is ideal for temporary relocations

You can arrange to forward your mail for as long (or short) as you need when you:

  • Have a temporary job reassignment in a new city
  • Head south to escape winter
  • Stay at the cottage during the summer
  • Manage mail on someone else’s behalf
  • Close your business temporarily or relocate it for renovations.

Arrange Mail Forwarding at least 3 business days before you want to stop receiving mail at your permanent address.

Convenient online Mail Forwarding activation

Cross this off your “to do” list right now. You can activate Mail Forwarding online right here. Set the dates you want your mail to be delivered to your holiday address and when you want it moved back to your permanent address.


Be sure to select the Temporary Relocation option on the online form.

Mail Forwarding through your local post office

You’ll find a Mail Forwarding form at all post offices. You can also print it off here and fill it out in advance. When you go to the post office, bring government issued identification with your address (like a driver’s license or provincial ID card).


You can arrange Mail Forwarding at any Canadian post office. Find the post office nearest you here.

You can arrange Mail Forwarding™ online right now in 5 easy steps. You can also do it at a convenient post office.

Tips to make sure you get all your mail

Arrange to forward your mail at least 3 business days before you no longer want mail at your permanent address. Make sure that you select the Temporary Relocation option on your Mail Forwarding form.