Six "To-do" tasks before moving into a new home

June 8, 2020
2 minute read

Advance action on these six items makes life in your new home flow more easily.

  1. Utilities. Find out what utilities you’ll need (electricity, gas, oil, water & sewage, etc.) and arrange to have them start up on the day you move in. Call your current utility providers to cancel existing service at midnight on your move-out day.
  2. Arrange to forward your mail. You can do it online or in person at any postal outlet and ensure that important mail follows you wherever you go. Register for Forward Your Mail service 30 days or sooner before moving day to focus on other moving tasks. You’ll enjoy knowing that important mail will make the move with you.
  3. Communications like internet, phone, and cable often come in one bundle of services. Call the providers in your new area to find the best deal. Generally, the more services you use, the less expensive each becomes. Your new provider can advise you on the data download pack that will best suit your needs.
  4. Arrange access for a cleaning service to give your new home a thorough scrubbing before you move in. It’s much easier to do a top-to-bottom clean before your belongings are taking up floor space. And you’ll enjoy how fresh your home feels.
  5. Painting is another activity that is easier before you move in. Right from Day 1, you’ll enjoy living with exactly the colours and tones  you love. If time is very tight, consider hiring a company that specializes in (and guarantees) a one-day paint job.
  6. Install new carpets and flooring to freshen up your new home. This job may require a few days – ideal for using portable containers to keep your possessions safe in the interim. If time is of the essence look for a company that makes solid time estimates and offers a guarantee.