Waste less: How to reuse packaging for returns

January 4, 2021
2 minute read

Start by planning ahead. The next time you order something that requires shipping, carefully remove it from its packaging and save the packaging in case you need to return it. When you’re ready to return it, keep these tips in mind to easily send your item:

Remove or black out all previous labels

A man applies a return shipping label to a box.Remove or black out all previous labels, barcodes and addresses on the packaging before applying the new labels to ensure that the item is returned to the right address. You can also turn the box inside out – just be sure that the box isn’t damaged or ripped. Secure any loose flaps and close the box with tape before placing the label on the largest surface. Think of it this way – you wouldn’t keep old travel tags on your luggage when you go on a trip, would you?

Turn soft packaging inside out

If you will be returning soft goods that you received in a polybag, ensure the bag is clean to avoid transferring dirt or grease stains that could damage your item. Consider turning the bag inside out to hide all previous labels.

Protect what you send

If you saved the filler packaging provided by the retailer to protect your item, try to reuse it. If you didn’t, opt to use packaging paper. It will prevent your item from shifting in the box during transit and can be recycled.

Recycle your waste

If you need to use new packaging to return your item, follow your municipality’s guidelines to recycle the original packaging that cannot be reused.

We hope these tips help you reuse packaging for your next return. By changing little habits like this, we can make a big difference together.

Canada Post is committed to protecting the environment.

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