Please keep a clear path home this winter

November 25, 2019
2 minute read

Falling is the most common way Canadians and our employees get hurt, so let’s all clear a path home to keep everyone safely on their feet this winter

Canadians and our employees have something in common – falling is their most common cause of injury. Every day, thousands of Canadians fall badly enough to land in a hospital emergency room. Among our employees, slips, trips and falls account for about half of all injuries every year.

It’s a sobering realization – and also a timely one, because more people fall in winter than any other season. So this winter, we’re asking for your help to keep every visitor to your home – including our delivery employees – safe. As we deliver tens of millions of gifts and other parcels to more than 15 million Canadian homes this holiday season, we ask that you please:

Remove snow and ice; De-ice your stairs; Keep stairs, handrails free of obstructions

Safety is always our top priority, but it requires extra focus during the winter season. It starts by making sure we all take the steps to keep ourselves safe, regardless of where we work. We’ve also implemented or extended a number of important initiatives to help make this a safe holiday season.

  • Promoting better, safer footwear – Research shows boots with a snowflake rating provide the best grip on ice and snow. We have a program that helps employees take advantage of these boots, but anyone can check out the boots listed at The Institute is always updating the list.
  • Helping those who are delivering in winter for the first time – The “First Winter Initiative,” an in-depth training effort was tested last winter and injuries fell significantly, so we are expanding it.
  • Improving our planning before, during and after really bad weather – We’re using experience to prepare contingencies to better respond and co-ordinate efforts, including the Local Joint Health and Safety Committees (LJHSC) and contractors that clear mailboxes.
  • Delaying delivery if conditions make it unsafe – This began in the last few years and has made a huge difference. Customers are notified and have been very receptive to this approach. This year we’ve made improvements to handle backlogs or deal with streets that aren’t fully cleared.

While we’ve got a ways to go, we are reducing injuries. This year, up to the end of October, we have reduced the number of reportable injuries by 8 per cent compared to the same period in 2018.  Injuries due to slips, trips and falls (STFs) are down 13 per cent year over year.

We’d love to see every employee make it home safely – and every visitor make it to and from your home safely, too. So please, stock up on what you’ll need and take the few extra minutes needed to keep a clear path home.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from everyone at Canada Post.