Keep an eye on your holiday deliveries

November 17, 2023
< 1 minute read

You can’t always be home when online purchases are delivered – especially over the holidays. That’s where a Canada Post online account comes in! It’s all you need to easily track your packages, set delivery preferences, get notifications and more.

Create a new Canada Post online account, or sign into your existing account, to manage your deliveries.

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Easy ways to securely manage all your deliveries

From tracking to delivery preferences, we make managing deliveries easy.

Automatic tracking for better visibility

Track packages on their way to you, or Canada Post packages you’re returning. It’s free!

Delivery preferences for peace of mind

Set a delivery location preference that tells Canada Post where to safely leave your packages outside of your home, such as the side door or the front desk of your lobby.

Photo confirmation because seeing is believing

Our newest service provides visual confirmation that your package was delivered to your door or to another safe location outside your home.

Delivery notifications for key updates

Receive essential delivery status updates directly to your email or mobile device. Choose from email, text message or push notifications.

FlexDelivery™ for security and to keep gifts under wraps

Keep packages safe when you’re not at home, or keep gifts a surprise, by having them sent directly to the post office of your choice.

Make holiday deliveries a breeze

Take advantage of all the benefits of a Canada Post online account.

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